• Florida ProConnect

    Florida ProConnect provides a valuable resource for our customers through increased knowledge of how various technologies integrate including quarterly panel discussions exclusive to C-level and IT executives.  
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to apply our collective experience to solve common business challenges for our customers by integrating solutions that reduce operational costs, increase employee productivity, data reliability, scalability, and marketability.
  • Integrated Business Technology Solutions

    Members introduce  IT Executives and CEO contacts only when a need is defined and invited in. “Here's a CIO that is doing a project that needs you because your solutions fit their current strategy".
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Florida ProConnect - Who We Are

Backend drop of PPInformation Technology (IT) is the fastest growing industry in the world. Corporations need to understand how to effectively use new technologies to maximize productivity and reduce costs. According to Minelli and Barlow (2013), CIOs spend more than $1.2 trillion on software and hardware each year. “CIOs get 70 percent of their information about new and quickly evolving technologies directly or indirectly from salespeople, according to the Wall Street Journal.” (Gregoire, 2002, p.1). The role of Florida ProConnect members is to assist the CIO in understanding how these new technologies expedite innovation and new product development, reduce costs and allow organizations to better understand their clients.

John Ingrisano (2010) stated that “The sales professional plays a unique role in society and in our economy. He or she is a facilitator, a catalyst —- someone who makes things happen.” Florida ProConnect members team up to assist each other as well as our customers. Florida ProConnect members work on understanding technologies outside of their own represented company solutions to become a valued partner and trusted advisor to their clients.

Andy Swenson and Steve Beaty- IT executive panelFlorida ProConnect is an integrated technology services association where members partner with non-competing companies to cross-pollinate a similar client base. This establishes credibility with their customers and the ability to understand, integrate and refer members that represent different technologies or solutions. “The only way prospective buyers can get the same vision and understand the real value of a solution is if they understand and own both the problem and the solution.” (Eades, 2004, p. 198).

Founded and directed by Pat Jimenez, VP of Sales for Eco-Energy Management, Florida ProConnect also offers quarterly IT Executive panel discussions and bi annual client appreciation happy hour events. ProConnect was established to address a void in Tampa technology networking groups. Members build relationships with a small group of non-competing B-B companies, and introduce each other to customers that will also benefit from their services, ONLY if provided permission from these contacts. Refer to member ethics and bi-laws.

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